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Title Name: The Mandolin Duo - Audio Cd
Title Code : CDMM4
Artists: U.P.Raju and Nagamani
Price: Rs. 150/-
Accompanied by

Violin :Pakkala Ramadas

Mridangam :Ramaiah Vittal

Ghatam :Pudukkottai Ramachandran

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The Mandolin Duo
Live Concert at Mudhra
Song Raga Tala Composer  
Gajavadana Karuna Sriranjani Adi Papanasam Sivan 12.33
Bagayanayya Chandrajyoti Adi Thyagaraja 7.00
Brovabarama Bahudari Adi Thyagaraja 4.53
Gnanamusagarada Poorvikalyani Rupakam Thyagaraja 20.56
Kaligiyuntegada Keeravani Adi Thyagaraja 21.13
Thillana Revathi Misra Chapu Lalgudi Jayaraman 6.48
Profile :  
A freelance carnatic musician,who is a native of Palakol, West Godavari Dist, Andhra Pradesh. Raju, underwent 7 years of rigorous training through Gurukulavaasam system from Late Sri. R.Subbaraju. For more than a decade, he has been performing in various sabhas of Chennai and other major cities of India for different festivals. He is a regular performer at the Chennai's most esteemed December season Music festival. He is also training many students in this unique instrument.

Raju, has extensively performed around the globe in the countries like SOUTH AFRICA, USA, CANADA, SINGAPORE, AUSTRALIA, DUBAI, SRILANKA, FRANCE, SWITZERLAND and GERMANY. Raju has also achieved name and fame through his solo/ duo Audio cd's and cassettes under the banners of AVM, MUDHRA, SANGEETHA, HMV and GEETHA Cassettes. RAJU and his wife NAGAMANI, together form a formidable MANDOLIN DUO. Raju, has won many awards and prizes from various esteemed Organisations.


When most little girls at the age of 7 would be clutching a doll in their hands,little Nagamani was clutching a mandolin, using her tender fingers to learn the intricacies of this stringed instrument.Nagamani, who is a native of PALAKOL, West Godavari Dist, ANDHRA PRADESH, learnt mandolin under the loving and caring guidance of her uncle and mentor Sri.Mandolin U.P.RAJU. By the age of 9, she was performing as a seasoned soloist in the hallowed portals of the grand music sabhas of Chennai.

Nagamani has extensively performed around the globe in the countries like SOUTH AFRICA, USA, CANADA, SINGAPORE, GERMANY, FRANCE and SWITZERLAND. Nagamani has also achieved name and fame through her solo/ duo Audio Cd's and cassettes along with U P Raju. Nagamani along with her mentor and husband Sri.U.P.Raju, forms a formidable MANDOLIN DUO. Nagamani has won many prizes and awards from various esteemed Organizations. In 1994 - Awarded " Best Junior Artiste" by the KRISHNA GANA SABHA, Chennai. In 1995, MUSIC ACADEMY,Chennai awarded the " AMBUJAM KRISHNA" award for excellence in the Spirit of Youth Series. In 2003, She won first place in the ALL INDIA RADIO National level competition for the category of stringed plucking instrument. Now she is direct " B" Grade artiste of AIR,Chennai.