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Title Name: MAP (Music Appreciation Programme)
Title Code : DVDMM19
Price: Rs. 400
Artists : Dr. Radha Bhaskar
Musician and Musicologist
 About DVD:
Live at Muscat by Dr. Radha Bhaskar.
Do you want to enjoy Music better? Do you want to be an enlightened rasika?
Well, then this programme is precisely for you. Sit back, see this DVD, get immersed and discover the beautiful World of music.
A Unique Programme to Enhance your Listenership!
Duration : Disc 1 - 1Hr. 12Mts Disc 2 - 1Hr. 27Mts.

What rasikas who attended the programme say... » Photo Gallery
It is a mesmerizing programme - uncomparable. I have no words to describe it. - S.Anwarali Badusha
Great clarity in presentation. Versatile performance. An unforgettable day. - Jane Posnett
An excellent, informative and enjoyable session. Wonderful presentation. - Jill Nansun
After attending the workshop I am now planning to learn Karnatic Music from a guru in a proper manner. Thanks for motivating me. - Visalakshi Narayanan
It was a really unique and once in a life time experience for me . - S.Manikandan
The communication of ideas was very good. The language was clear, apt and captivating. All in all, a wonderful learning experience.- Dr. Rajan Philips
Simply outstanding, marvelous and brilliant! - Anantha Kumar
I just cannot express in words how useful this programme was to me and how much I enjoyed every minute of it. - N.S. Mani
Just outstanding - both in terms of structure and execution. - N.S.Vijaya Kumar
Profile :
Music is one of the greatest gifts to mankind and listening to music can be a really enriching and elevating experience. Many of us listen to music for the sheer joy it generates, but if we get enlightened about its nuances, our enjoyment will be multifold.

Sit back, see this DVD, get immersed and discover the beautiful world of music........