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Title Name: MAP 2 (Music Appreciation Programme) - Audio CD - 2CD pack Appreciating Varnam to Tillana
Title Code : CDMM21
Artists: Dr. Radha Bhaskar
Price: Rs. 300/-
About CD :

Pre Recorded Audio DVD

A Unique Programme to Enhance your Listenership!


Disc 1 - 73Mts. 05 Sec.
Disc 2 - 70Mts. 49 Sec.

Profile :

A Karnatic concert has many entertaining and enlightening things to offer to its listener. Very often, rasikas think that a concert is just about identifying ragas, but did you know that the vast variety of compositional forms presented in a Karnatic concert offer such interesting study? If we did understand the structure and content of the different forms from Varnam to Tillana, wouldn't our joy of listening become multifold?

Well, it is with this focus that this CD "Appreciating Varnam to Tillana" is being presented exclusively for you. This CD explains the different compositions like varnam, kirtana, kriti, javali, padam, thiruppugazh, kavadi chindu, dasar padas, tarangam, ashtapadi, tillana etc. in a simple and communicative way. The kriti which occupies a major portion of the concert has been given exhaustive treatment in terms of its structure and various ornamentations. The Trinity's contribution in this context has also been highlighted.

Hope this CD will help you become a more keen and ardent rasika of Karnatic music.