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Title Name: MAP3 (Music Appreciation Programme) - RAGA VAIBHAVAM - a journey into the beautiful world of Ragas - Video DVD
Title Code : DVDMM24
Artists: Dr. Radha Bhaskar
Price: Rs. 200/-
About CD :

Concept & Presentation : Dr. Radha Bhaskar (Musician & Musicologist)

Dr. Radha Bhaskar, K.P.Nandini, Aishwarya Shankar & Deekshita - Vocal

Melakkaveri Thyagarajan - Violin

Ramaiah Vittal - Mridangam

Nanganallur Swaminathan - Ghatam


2hrs. 20Mts

1. Introduction
2. Begada
3. Saveri
4. Kalyani
5. Karaharapriya & Janyas
6. Kuntalavarali
7. Rasikapriya
8. Sindhubhairavi


Listening to a raga is a beautiful experience in itself...

Raga is something very unique to Indian classical music - one without a parallel anywhere in the world.

As rasikas, how do we understand and appreciate different ragas that are performed by the artist through compositions as well as various improvisatory forms?

Well, it is with this focus that this CD "Appreciating Varnam to Tillana" is being presented exclusively for you. This CD explains the different compositions like varnam, kirtana, kriti, javali, padam, thiruppugazh, kavadi chindu, dasar padas, tarangam, ashtapadi, tillana etc. in a simple and communicative way. The kriti which occupies a major portion of the concert has been given exhaustive treatment in terms of its structure and various ornamentations. The Trinity's contribution in this context has also been highlighted.

Raga Vaibhavam is a unique programme devised for rasikas to understand the finer intricacies of ragas and enjoy it better. It takes the rasikas on a journey into the world of ragas through various compositions so that they can understand its different facets in a simple way....