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Title Name: Nawabilirundu Naveenamvarai - DVD
Title Code : DVDMM18
Price: Rs. 200
Concept : Mudhra Bhaskar
Direction : "Anandam" Ramki
 About DVD:
A Unique Documentary on 10 Veteran Stage Personalities of Yesteryears
Nawab Rajamanikam Pillai - 17:11
T.K.S. Brothers - 16:28
S.V. Sahasranamam - 15:03
R.S. Manohar - 23:14
Y.G. Parthasarathy - 17:30
T.S. Seshadri - 11:32
Poornam Viswanathan - 17:24
Komal Swaminathan - 18:56
V. Gopalakrishnan - 19:23
Major Sunderrajan - 21:46

Nawabilirindu Naveenam Varai
Tribute to 10 Veteran Stage Personalities of Yesteryears (A Multimedia Presentation)

Mudhra's drama fest showcased a special documentary on ten veteran drama artists of the past. On each day, one veteran was focused and the show had inputs from popular stage artists and art related personalities as well as photo and video clippings of the concerned artists. It highlighted the contribution of the past stalwarts who have dedicated their entire life for the cause of drama and enriched it through their distinct and inimitable style. The artistes presented were Nawab Rajamanikam Pillai, T.K.S. Brothers, S.V.Sahasranamam,. R.S.Manohar, Y.G.Parthasarathy, T.S.Seshadri, Poornam Viswanathan, Komal Swaminathan, V.Gopalakrishnan and Major Sundarrajan. Direction and the voice over by Anandam Ramki garnished the presentation with interesting details about each artist. The show was conceptualized by Mudhra Bhaskar.

Nawab Rajamanikam Pillai was the head of Tamil drama companies that had very great reputation for its discipline. From 1924, he started operating on his own. In Madurai, he joined the Bala Mina Ranjani

Sangita Sabha and soon became its leader. He played the role of Nawab in Bhaktha Ramdas in 1927 at Madras and his total identification with the role won him that name. Rajamanikam trained hundreds of disciples many of whom became famous actors on stage and screen. His company was noted for its magic spectacle. It used scientific principles in constructing stunning episodes. There was an audible gasp from the audience when the curtain first opened to reveal the opening scene. The scene was changed in a trice, and another imposing set appeared as if by magic. These quick changes kept the audience under a spell.His troupe was also the first professional one to stage dramas on social themes.

T.K.S. Sankaran, Muthuswamy, Shanmugam and Bhagavathy were known as the TKS Brothers. In 1918, they joined the drama school run by Sankardas Swamigal and also acted in several plays.They concentrated on social dramas. They dealt with supposedly bold themes like infidelity and inter-caste marriage. In 1925, they started their own school, Bala Shanmugananda Sabha which was instrumental in moulding many artistes.

S.V.Sahasranamam He was born in 1913 and joined the Boys Drama Company at the age of twelve. Popular among his plays were Policekaran Magal and Vadivelu Vadhyar. He started his own drama company Seva Stage in 1952. His Panchali Sabadam drama was staged at Kolkata in 1961, during the centenary celebration of Rabindra Natha Tagore and this won wide acclaim. He was a specially noted for the clear rendition of dialogues.

Driven by his love for acting, R,S.Manohar sought his fortune in Tamil theatre. In 1954,he established the National Theatre. His shows were spectacular extravaganza and showmanship in production and acting. His thematic selection relied on the overly dramatic . Among his popular plays are Lankeswaran and Chanakya sabadam.the former play was very famous and more than 1000 shows of it were staged in India and Srilanka.

Y.G.Parthasarathy started the drama troupe United Amateur Artists in 1952. He was a great dramatist, an epitome of discipline. He was a strict taskmaster who practiced whatever he preached. He was also extremely humane and had a soft corner for all artists in his troupe. As an actor, he was very natural. His role in the film Silanerangalil Silamanithargal won him great acclaim.

T.S.Seshadri He was running a troupe called Amateur Actors Group along with Ponnambalam and staged many notable dramas through it. He was meticulous about every detail and many top artists were a part of his troupe. He was one of the most disciplined artists of his times.

Poornam Viswanathan was a theater artist and film actor in Tamil film industry. He started performing on stage at age 18. He worked as a reader in All India radio. He acted in Tamil movies such as Varusham 16, Thillu Mullu, Keladi Kanmani, Moondram Pirai, Aasai, Mahanadi and Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu. Viswanathan was known for his remarkable performances in Tamil theatre and films. In every role he played, he paid great attention to dialogue delivery and body language. He started performing on stage when he was 18. He later moved to New Delhi for a few years, where he was part of the 'South Indian Troupe,' with renowned critic Subbudu. He was transferred to Chennai in 1964. His portrayal of roles in plays scripted by Marina, such as 'Thanikuduthanam,' 'Oor vambu,' and 'Kaal kattu,' won him great acclaim.

Komal Swaminathan was a dramatist whose Tannir Tannir in 1980 brought him to limelight.He joined the school of S.V.Sahasranamam and learnt the art of playwriting and stage techniques. In 1971, he formed Stage Friends with a team of like minded enthusiasts and performed under that banner all over India. Under his direction Tannir Tannir staged more that 250 shows. Twelve of his plays were made into cinemas.

V.Gopalakrishnan He cast his indelible mark both in the drama and cine field. He was meticulous about everything and took great efforts to present dramas. He was adept in teaching and many have benefited from his guidance. He was keen to see that dramas flourished and took all efforts towards its growth.

Major Sunderrajan He was born in 1935 and joined Ragini Creations and acted in several pays. He had a good command over English and won a commendable name through his extraordinary talent in acting. He acted in several movies and also made a special mark in every character that he enacted.

Rasikas who attended this session felt that since this documentary was the first of its kind to be done in such an exemplary manner, it should be screened in all sabhas in Chennai and other places in Tamil Nadu. On the encouragement given by these rasikas, Mudhra has decided to condense the duration of this show to three hours and screen this documentary in various sabhas. Interested Sabhas can contact Mudhra and avail this opportunity.