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Title Name: One Raga One Kriti
Title Code : DVDMM5
Artists: O.S. Thiagarajan
Price: Rs. 200/-
Accompanied by

Violin :A.Kanyakumari

Mridangam :Thiruvaarur Bakthavathsalam


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Raga Song Tala Composer
Karaharapriya Chakkaniraja Adi Thyagaraja
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About one raga one kriti:
Concerts of short-duration are rather common in today's fast paced life but what is lacking is the Manodharma (Creativity) of the artiste which does not get adequate exposure. The present trend of packing concerts with umpteen number of items has deprived elaborate and extensive treatment of ragas. To curb this trend, Mudhra has been periodically organizing One Raga-One Kriti concerts for one and half hours wherein, a single kriti with elaborate alapana, niraval, swaram and a detailed tani avarthanam is performed. This DVD is a live concert recorded on 12th June 1996 at the music academy during one raga one kriti festival.