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Title Name: Evergreen Melodies of PBS by Sridhar Navaraags – Video DVD
Title Code : DVDMM27
Artists: Dr.P.B.Sreenivos
Price: Rs. 150/-
In the aid of School Music Education Projects
About the CD :

Held at Mudhra on felicitating him with Geetha Mudhra Award on 21st September 2008

Duration :

Disc1 : 46 Mts. 3 Sec.
Disc2 : 52 Mts. 46 Sec.

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DISC – 1 DISC – 2
1.Title song by Sreedhar Navraags Orchestra
Song:Naalam Naalam
1.Poovaraiyum Poongodiye
2.Azhagiya Mithilai 2.Manidhen Enbavan Deivam Agalam
3.Madhurannagaril thamizhchangam 3.Roja Malare Rajakumari
4.Kalangalil Aval vasantham 4.Imbam Pongum Vennila
5.Valarnda kalai 5.Mouname Paarvaiyal
6.Paalvannam Paruvam Kanndu 6.Kannirendum Mella Mella
7.Aandondru Poonal 7.Mayakkama Kalakkama
8.Nilave Ennidam 8.Unga Ponnana Kaigal
9.Ninaipadellam Nadanthuvittal 9.Nenjam Marappathillai
10.Raja Raja sree 10.Chinna Chinna Kannanukku
  11.Nettruvarai neeyaro



Date: 21st September 2008
Venue: Infosys Hall, Ramakrishna Mission School Campus, Bazullah Road, T.Nagar

Old film melodies still retain their charm and captivate the hearts of one and all. This was truly evident at the special function organized by Mudhra on 21st September to felicitate the veteran playback singer Dr.P.B.Sreenivos for his yeoman service to the field of film music. Noted music troupe Sridhar’s Navaraags took up the challenging task of giving a musical feast of PBS melodies to the audience.Sridhar had indeed made painstaking efforts to choose the singers whose voice matched that of PBS and every singer did his best in the song allotted to him.

Among the hit songs of PBS presented were Mauname parvayal, Rojamalare rajakumari, Mayakkam kalakkama, Oruthi oruvanai ninaithuvittal, Nilave ennidam nerungade, Nenjam marappathillai, Azhagiya Mithilai, Madura Nagaril, Viswanathan Velaivendum, manithanenpavan Theivamagalam, Anubhavam Pudumai, Inda Mandrathil Odivarum, Nilavukku enmel ennadi kovam and many more.

Noted singer A.V.Ramanan who was in the audience also joined on stage for a song. Y.Gee.Mahendra, the chief guest of the evening surprised everyone by spontaneously coming up and playing the table for yet another song. O.S.Arun held the audience spellbound by singing a few lines of the Ghazal “Kadaloram naam dinamum” penned and composed by PBS. S.Janaki and Vani Jairam joined in felicitating PBS and also spoke about their long term association with him. PBS’ sons were also present and one of them sang a beautiful song and mesmerized the audience (though he did say that it was ages since he had practiced the song, music seems to be in his genes and he did a great job of presenting it flawlessly). Actors Sachu, ARS, Issai Mazhalai Ramji and many others joine4d wholeheartedly as if it was their very own function – that is the charisma and fine rapport that PBS shares with all his co-artists, well wishers and fans.

When PBS entered the hall, all his fans engulfed him and it was indeed an emotional moment. Later, Dr.Nalli Kuppuswami Chetty presented the “Geethamudhra” award to Dr.PBS and A.Natarajan and actor Y.Gee.Mahendra felicitated and spoke about the distinct contribution made by PBS to the world of film music. In his reply, PBS in an emotional note said that this was one of the most memorable functions and that he was truly touched by the large turn out of his fans. One of his friend B.N.Rao. who has been associated with PBS for more than 70 years also made it to the function and presented a beautiful write up on PBS which was read out by Dr. Radha Bhaskar.

Many fans of PBS who came a bit late could not find a place inside the hall but they managed to pull up a chair and sit in the open. This too was a unique experience as they could see the programme and also have the advantage of the natural cool breeze blowing softly over them. To top it all were the wonderful sweets, snacks and coffee arranged by Mudhra Bhaskar – an evening of good food for the soul as well as the stomach.

It was past 10.30 p.m. and the enthusiastic audience was still not satisfied and kept asking for more. But the curtains had to be dropped and every member in the audience felt that this was one evening to be embedded in their hearts.