Title Code : DVDMM23
Artists: Cuddalore Gopi Bhagavathar
Price: Rs. 250/-
Duration :

Disc 1 - 1Hr. 6 Mts.

Disc 2 - 1Hr. 13 Mts

About the CD :

Live recording during Mudhra's December Music Festival

Profile :
Cuddalore Gopi Bhagavathar was born in the year 1961 at Cuddalore. He was attracted to 'Naama Sankeerthanam' even at the tender age of seven and was much impressed by the Sampradhaya Bhajans of Brahmashri Venkatrama Bhagavathar of Thiruvidaimarudhur and Kumbakonam Shri Balu Bhagavathar and was deeply involved in the Sampradhaya Bhajans. At the age of just eleven, he involved himself in 'Neyveli Padmalaya' a renowned group in this arena led by Nedukkaveri Shri Krishnamoorthy Bhagavathar.

Cuddalore Gopi Bhagavathar has performed Sampradhaya Radha Kalyanams and Seetha Kalyanams for more than two decades at various places in Tamilnadu. Gopi Bhagavathar is an ardent devotee of Paranur Shri Krishna Premi Swamigal. In order to inculcate and involve the younger generations into Naama Sankeerthanam and invoke Bhakthi amongst young minds, he presents a unique style of Bhajans known as 'ANUKARANA BHAJANS' in a dramatized form. This innovative mode was accepted and was also widely appreciated. This style of Nama Sankeerthanam not only explains the essence of the song but also makes the viewers comfortable in understanding the exact meaning of the song.

Lord Vittala Panduranga, an incarnation of Lord Krishna Dwarakadeesa, comes down to the earth to bless Pundalika, whose Nityakarma is to serve his parents. On his request, The Lord stands on the brick (Vittu) thrown by Pundaika as aasana and from then on, till today, keeps blessing and plays around with His Bhakthas.

Sri Panduranga Leela is a an attempt to bring alive those greater moments from the lives of such greater Sants like Namadeva, Koormadasa, Janabhai, Chokamela, SenaNavi and a few others. This attempt is basically made to make the younger generation appreciate and understand "Mathru-Pithru" Bhakthi, and "Sarangathi" bhakthi towards THE SUPREME LORD.